Men, Am I Right?

My inspiration this morning is the fairer sex telling me how to properly respect them. In case I’m unversed in how not to be a dick to other people, Everyday Feminism is here to educate me with 5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women. The article brought up good points to dissect, so let the fun (respectfully) begin! Continue reading


Your Politics Are Stupid

Can you believe what he thinks about the economy?

Did you hear her position on education? What kind of idiot would vote for her?

Politics is a fascinating beast. It channels our passions and hatred, giving them one of the most profound outlets I can imagine. It inspires us to love and to hate – it validates our convictions. Its motive power draws together strangers in the thickest bonds of the thinnest substance while tearing ties of friendship asunder. Politics simplifies good and evil through designations of left and right, conservative and liberal, and other affiliations that serve as shorthand for evaluating others. We are drawn to this dichotomy because it is tribalism of the highest order; it provides the comfort of company while giving us license to forego inspection beyond the R or D following one’s name. Continue reading