Feminism, I’m Hoping We Can Be Friends

My disdain for the social signaling and politicking within the feminist movement may have come off as a bit strong in my last post. This blog is going to publish many posts critiquing popular social issues, and last year was considered a big year for feminists. As such, I think it bears explaining my sentiments toward feminists before the inevitable deluge of feminist current events and my blog responses.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a feminist. Striving for equality between the sexes is a noble pursuit. What I will value highest in the debate is using truth and reason. I fear that feminists – in their pursuit of equality – are all too willing to uncritically accept statistics, blanket assumptions about groups of people, and exaggerated claims to advance a narrative. I expect in the future to examine feminist claims with great scrutiny and parse a more reasoned, level-headed description of events from the narratives presented. I can already anticipate that this will piss off feminists. Oh well. I firmly believe that prevaricating to advance a noble cause is counterproductive and harmful to a movement.

Feminism, I hope you can handle the tough love.


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