Lockdown for thee, not for me

As time stretches on, it is increasingly apparent that lockdowns are not being respected. App tracking data shows people have not been adhering to stay-at-home orders. A most recent example shows a Fire Island partier proudly proclaiming his participation in public gatherings after testing positive for COVID 8 days prior. Social media admonitions have made it abundantly clear that everyone should socially distance, wear masks, and #STAYATHOME. Yet one activity throws a wrench in this: protests. Continue reading


Happy Earth Day, You Murderer of Gaia

Ah, Earth Day. That time of year when we can all signal to others how virtuous we are with our recycling and sustainable life choices. It’s always the perfect opportunity for an ego boost knowing that you’re doing your part to save the Earth from the greedy and selfish resource squanderers. On this day I wondered, am I helping the environment? Obviously the internet has an answer for everything. From on high the interweb gods have blessed us with a quiz. Continue reading

Your Politics Are Stupid

Can you believe what he thinks about the economy?

Did you hear her position on education? What kind of idiot would vote for her?

Politics is a fascinating beast. It channels our passions and hatred, giving them one of the most profound outlets I can imagine. It inspires us to love and to hate – it validates our convictions. Its motive power draws together strangers in the thickest bonds of the thinnest substance while tearing ties of friendship asunder. Politics simplifies good and evil through designations of left and right, conservative and liberal, and other affiliations that serve as shorthand for evaluating others. We are drawn to this dichotomy because it is tribalism of the highest order; it provides the comfort of company while giving us license to forego inspection beyond the R or D following one’s name. Continue reading

Feminism, I’m Hoping We Can Be Friends

My disdain for the social signaling and politicking within the feminist movement may have come off as a bit strong in my last post. This blog is going to publish many posts critiquing popular social issues, and last year was considered a big year for feminists. As such, I think it bears explaining my sentiments toward feminists before the inevitable deluge of feminist current events and my blog responses.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a feminist. Striving for equality between the sexes is a noble pursuit. What I will value highest in the debate is using truth and reason. I fear that feminists – in their pursuit of equality – are all too willing to uncritically accept statistics, blanket assumptions about groups of people, and exaggerated claims to advance a narrative. I expect in the future to examine feminist claims with great scrutiny and parse a more reasoned, level-headed description of events from the narratives presented. I can already anticipate that this will piss off feminists. Oh well. I firmly believe that prevaricating to advance a noble cause is counterproductive and harmful to a movement.

Feminism, I hope you can handle the tough love.

Feminism as Religion: Proselytizing Through Oppression

Ok, bear with me. Religious folk – particularly fundamentalists – are often at odds with the Social Justice Warrior type of feminist. However, this piece is intended to analyze how the practice of feminism reflects that of religion. Moreover, I seek to highlight the absolutist and faith-based similarities. Onto the dogma!

Feminism as a movement has always struck me as kind of creepy. On the surface, there’s nothing particularly objectionable about the dictionary definition for the term: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. We could quibble about what is meant by equality, but I’m going to charitably assume that equality under the law is a primary aim here. So far so good. I then began to wonder, why not be an equalist? Isn’t that the same thing? Many feminists say no: the real issues are suffered by women, and the focus should remain there. I bring this up because terminology is incredibly important to the movement. Feminists share little love for Merriam Webster and have produced a sprawling new lexicon as well as redefining old words. For your convenience, hyperlinks will be provided for the more esoteric terms. Continue reading

Economic Illiterates Standing Up for the Uneducated

First off, I want to say that I will poke fun at others in the most civil way possible, as much as the title of this post may seem to suggest otherwise. Ad hominem is the refuge of the indolent, and I will do my best to keep these posts free of it. Onto the illiteracy!

I have seen a blind-leading-the-blind phenomenon occur when hearing about President Obama’s free community college plan. News publications have discussed disdain for Republicans’ pushback on the issue, but they haven’t been as brazen as the vocal members of their comment boards. Among the left-of-center commentariat has emerged one specific refrain: Republicans don’t want free education because they want to keep the electorate stupid (and therefore voting Republican). Continue reading

Welcome Interwebs!

Oh hey there. Welcome to Drink Deeper! In the coming months expect this site to pen critiques of both current events and the myriad posts that spawn in the wake of them. As DD gets more ambitious, I will write longer essays that offer a comprehensive perspective on ideas and movements.

Discussion is always welcome here at DD. I ask, however, that this site’s readership takes heed of our Code of Conduct.